• Experience Waste-Free Road Repair with The Rotomix®

    Capable of Producing 100% Recycled HMA ON-SITE

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    Designed in Australia - Made in the USA

    Specializing in delivering Completely mobile asphalt mixing and recycling to those who need it most

    At Integrity Road Equipment, we specialize in delivering completely mobile, waste-free HMA mixing thanks to The ROTOMIX®. Originally designed in South Africa before moving to Australia and now the USA, we at IRE are the only licensed distributor of The ROTOMIX® in North America, providing businesses and municipalities with the technology they need to efficiently and effectively maintain their roadways.


    Available in 1-5 ton units, The ROTOMIX® mobile HMA mixer integrates the vessel, heater and agitator to produce high quality hot mix asphalt. Suited to urban and remote areas, The ROTOMIX® gives our customers independence from stationary hot mix plants, allowing them to cut costs and save materials.


    By having all aspects of the hot mix plant on a mobile chassis, any unused mix left in the vessel can be reheated, resulting in minimal cleaning time and zero material waste. Load cells and easy-to-use temperature controls allow accurate measurement and management of the hot mix, resulting in higher quality patches.

    Capable of mixing batches of up to 100% recycled HMA!


    Your ROTOMIX Questions Answered

    The ROTOMIX is the ideal solution for your organization’s road repair needs. It does this by combining the heater and mixing vessel, traditionally found in stationary hot mix asphalt (HMA) plants, and placing them on an entirely mobile chassis. ROTOMIX machines come in a variety of sizes ranging...
  • ROTOMIX® Models

    1 Ton Trailer-Mounted Unit

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    3-5 Ton Trailer-Mounted Unit

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    Raw aggregate being loaded easily with an end loader

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    Raw aggregate being transferred into the vessel via industrial conveyor belt

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    Adding bitumen packets to the hot mix via industrial conveyor belt

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    3 Ton vessel and truck with hopper